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photography workshops in Bulgaria

Creative Endeavors

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Creative Endeavors’ New Year Photography Tour is a center-based tour set in the heart of the spectacular Rhodope Mountains. While immersed in the natural beauty of the land you will learn to capture its soft wintery light through your camera lens. Daily intensive on-location instruction, as well as rigorous post-processing tuition will ensure you start out the year with a new set of skills that you can continue to develop throughout 2017. You will also come away with some of the most spectacular images you have yet created and memories to last a lifetime.


what does the tour include?

  • Tuition and Guidance with qualified & highly experienced photographer

  • All accommodation 

  • All meals

  • All transportation (including transfer from and to airport)

  • All site entry fees

  • Airfare. Participants should arrive on the morning of Day One or the day prior. (If arriving a day early, an extra nights accommodation can be arranged upon request)

  • Visas of any kind. However, we can provide a letter of invitation for participants from countries requiring visas. (For information regarding visas:

  • Insurance of any kind. Please be advised that Travel Insurance is the responsibility of all participants as is insurance to cover their equipment and in case of any accidents.

what does the tour not include?


Start your adventure today.

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why bulgaria?


Bulgaria is a land of such incredible diversity it offers all manner of unique landscapes, fascinating historical sites, intimate experiences and those special moments that photographers dream about. Even better, the distances are close with the terrain changing markedly within very short drives. At the moment, it remains relatively undiscovered by the outside world, which, for photographers, makes for some unique opportunities to capture original images that haven’t been snapped by thousands of others already. There are fewer signs, fewer crowds, fewer railings and fewer obstacles in general to navigate and photograph around.

Bulgaria allows photographers to truly immerse themselves in their locations in an authentic, experiential manner where the only other people likely to be around them are the villagers or mountain people living there—not dozens of other photographers. And then there is the food. In all, Bulgaria is a destination that abounds in stunning locations while at the same time remaining relatively undeveloped and free of the burden of being overrun with tourists. While offering all the conveniences of a developed country including comfortable accommodations and ready transport, Bulgaria also retains its authentic, old-world charm. The horses and carts are not for show, nor are the wooden hand tools and wood-fire stoves, they are a fact of everyday life for most rural Bulgarians. In fact, it is hard to go wrong wherever you are in Bulgaria and if the landscape isn’t quite what you want where you are, just drive down the road for half an hour and all will be entirely different. Or join one of our exciting photography tours and we will get you to all the right places at just the perfect moment and help you take the photos you have always wanted to take

Student Stories

Canadian, Barb Hartwell, joined our South Loop Tour this past July, 2016. She arrived camera in-hand, a little apprehensive both about the complexities of the camera and the seemingly daunting 2 weeks of rigorous activity ahead of her…but full of enthusiasm and ready to try anything. With a quick wit and keen sense of humor she very quickly dove into the experience with such passion that there were many a time we had to pry her camera from her tightly clutched fingers so we could get going. Steep mountains, slippery boulders, towering heights and deep, dark caves proved to be no obstacle for Barb as she very quickly mastered the intricacies of her camera as well as any inner fears and doubts. On reaching Canada she had this to say about the experience:


 “Bulgaria is still very much on my mind and I am anxious to get back to my photo editing and taking more photos...I have been sharing my Bulgaria experience with everyone and have had a lot of comments from people who have seen my posts on Facebook & Instagram…I can’t thank you and Phil enough for the wonderful journey.  You created a wonderful experience that was professional, fun and very personal.  It was definitely a life changing experience for me in many ways.  I hope to have a chance to participate in another trip sooner than later.” Barb Hartwell student with creative endeavors.